Family Ford and the number 35

35.. What is driving approximately 35 miles and approximately 35 minutes mean to you?

IF it could save you approximately 35% on your service you need on your automobile,

wouldn't you make the change?  Regular service.  Not the oil change or routine maintenance, but the fixes that occur during your ownership.  And what IF.. a dealership could guarantee

that in a 59 minute window - a mechanic will start diagnosing your vehicle

for the service you scheduled.* 

WE at Family Ford can do all of this.  

Come see the difference!  It is an easy drive from your home or business in Summerville,

Cane Bay area, Knightsville, and surrounding areas.  No traffic nightmares on a typical day,

the same distance for some, the same time in your car for others, and a savings of at least 35%.  Call and schedule your service today.  Need a loaner vehicle?**  We have you covered. 

The time to travel to see us is the same, the money you will save is what we offer,

and our reviews will tell you that we do it right, and make it right every time.

Family Automotive Group.

35 MILES | 35 MINUTES | 35%


*Diagnosis guarantee is from the time stamp on the bottom of the repair order to time punched on the technician time sheet.

**Loaners are available by appointment only.

Approximate mileage and drive times may vary based on physical address.

35% savings is based on Retail Door Rates on cars and light trucks.  These are based off of comparison with other local competitive Manufacturers rates.

IF we are unable to meet our Guarantee of 59 minutes the diagnostic charge will be $0.00. 

Service Manager will confirm time stamps on RO and Technician clock in on RO and refund/revoke charge to customer prior to checkout.